Welcome, I am so honored you’re here-seriously-I mean that. I’m glad you’re here because minimalism can really change your life, even if you only adopt certain aspects, it can lead to life full of more experiences and joy, and less dictated by money and things. I began my exploration of minimalism about three years ago, in a post where I set a bucket list item to vow to live with less, but I never really jumped in, so to speak. Today, my family is beginning a journey to more be intentional about how we live each day.  We recently moved to Ohio and purposefully decided to live with less, and buy a smaller townhome, and are slowly removing years of clutter, but the journey is far from over.  In my writing, I talk about some of things we are learning in this process as we adapt to living a more simple life.  The single best thing we are finding is that focusing less on things, is allowing us more time to focus on the parts of our life that truly matter.  I’ll admit though, this process hasn’t been easy. Sharing this journey with others, motivates us to keep going.

How did this start?

I discovered minimalism awhile back through a blog called, Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker, who inspired me to think of minimalism as an adaptable and approachable lifestyle for a family.  We are currently taking his online class, Uncluttered, and it has been an amazing experience.  Everyone’s journey is so different.  Yet, I think we share the desire to live full and happy lives.  I believe we are all connected, and this page is my effort to share this idea, and show that even a mom of three can adapt certain aspects of minimalism.  My hope is to contribute something meaningful to the world.

Click on the journey to minimalism to begin reading about our journey.

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