Finding Happiness


Happiness will completely elude us, if we look for it in outside ourselves.

I spent my entire life trying to find happiness, only to discover it is not a thing to be pursued or chased, but something we grasp in our mindset.  Over the years, I’ve realized that happiness is a forever fleeing quality-the more we seek it, the less we seem to hold it down because it can not be purchased, held down, or secured.  Happiness is just a state of being, like a smile or a joke, a loving kiss, or a beautiful sunset.  We have to notice, but it is always present if we take a moment to see it.  Real happiness is not for sale, anywhere.

True happiness is so much greater, it has no price tag.  It is within ourselves.

When you seek happiness outside of yourself-you will never find it.  Happiness is transient in this life.  The more we seek it in outside things, the more it seems to hide from us.  Some people seek this in a job, along the lines of, “If I could only get the perfect job, I’d be completely fulfilled and happy”.  But as we start the job, we realize the deadlines and stress it puts us under, and the happiness seems to fade.  As we meet the perfect person, we realize the dedication and caring required to keep relationships going in the day to day.  We buy the perfect house, but it soon needs repairs or a pipe breaks flooding the house with water.

The elusive path to happiness is like trying to find happiness to buying something brand new.  At first, the new item makes us completely happy-we are so relieved to have no problems with it, and so overjoyed to drive the shiny, new object; it brings us so much joy and it’s fun to play with. It solves so many problems. But one day, it falls and breaks down and leaves us in frustration-we are sad and angry, upset that we had put faith in the now hunk of broken junk.  If we have insurance, we make a few long phone calls to figure out what to do next, upset and angry we ended up in this situation.  If we instead realized that the new thing is not our happiness, but it is within ourselves, we would be more prepared to deal with living without those things.  Whatever is inside of us, helps prepare us to deal with the blows life brings our way.  The more we are at peace within ourselves, the easier it is to wait for that repair, knowing it will be okay tomorrow.

So how do we find real, enduring happiness?  I am still learning too. I am healing within myself and finding that the more at peace I am, living in the moment, rather than past or future the happier I am. I am not saying this journey is easy, but it has given me the most profound happiness I have ever felt.  If we seek peace, the type that is within ourselves already, the thing that already existed in us at the beginning of our life, then we won’t be missing anything.  In finding true peace, happiness is sure to follow.


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