About me

I never really intended to want to become a minimalist.  It wasn’t like one day I woke up and decidedly researched minimalism.  Life brought this idea to me, through a series of unplanned learning experiences, and the beautiful influence of others sharing their journey.  I am staring this blog to hope to inspire others to take this journey with me, in their own way.

I am a freelance writer, educator, and stay-home mother of three.  I graduated from Cornell University and went on to pursue a Masters of Teaching at City University of Seattle.  I began freelance writing in education, and currently enjoy blogging about our family’s new adventures. Our family has moved a few times, recently settling in Ohio.  You can find me on twitter @miriamoclifford   You can check out my writing portfolio at miriamoclifford.contently.com 

Lately, I’ve become more intentional about thinking about what it means to be a minimalist in my life.  I am pondering if this life choice is something that would benefit my family and create a path for new experiences.  I hope to inspire you to consider minimalism and what it means in your own life.  It’s about much more than just “stuff” accumulated, but a series of things that are much deeper.  By taking the journey to minimalism, I hope to find a new sense of freedom.  I am excited to see where it leads.  I hope you join me. Thanks for reading.  – Mirita


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